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Home Treatments for a Runny Nose and Itchy Eyes

Moisturize the Air

Fluid Intake

This solution is bought over the counter in the shape of nasal spray, nasal drops or eye drops. Additionally, it may be made at home by mixing salt with warm water, but homemade saline solution to improve your eyesight must not be utilized in the eyes, as stated by the Food and Drug Administration.


Dry, hot air can exacerbate a runny nose and itchy eyes. The UMMC suggests adding some essential oils to the humidifier to enhance nasal congestion. Including eucalyptus or peppermint oils.

Increasing fluid consumption can help thin out mucus improve your eyesight naturally drainage, states MedlinePlus. Nearly any fluid is valuable, but some teas or warm solutions can offer relief of other symptoms including congestion, coughing or sore throat, if these symptoms are found.

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