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About Throat Cancer

According to the National Cancer Institute, "Throat cancer types in the tissues of the pharynx. Throat cancer includes cancer of the nasopharynx, oropharynx, nypopharynx and the larynx." However, in some instances, throat cancer can also be found in other areas of the throat.


Throat cancer may be diagnosed via a MRI evaluation (magnetic resonance imaging). A physical examination by a physician or dentist may additionally show symptoms. A laryngoscope might be used to examine the throat to get a closeup view of any lumps which could be throat cancer. In case a lump is discovered, a biopsy may be done to determine if it's cancer. Time is of the essence with any kind of cancer. If symptoms are noticed by you, don't procrastinate in seeking medical care.

Surgery may be required to treat throat cancer. A substantial tumor may necessitate removal of the sung carton (laryngectomy). Some hospitals additionally use intensity modulated radiotherapy with throat cancer. This process may help help patients have a faster recovery and to preserve tissues. After operation, radiation therapy is frequently used. Chemotherapy is utilized if the throat cancer has spread to other areas. Post surgical treatment may include swallowing therapy.

Prevention of Throat Cancer

Preventing smoking and too much alcohol to limit the risk of acquiring throat cancer. A healthy diet with the emphasis of fruits, grains and vegetables to prevent throat cancer is also advocated. Refrain from chewing betelquid and have mate. These two stimulants are linked to the possible development of throat cancer.

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