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Causes of a Rash on the Face

Contact Dermatitis


Perioral dermatitis is a rash that develops around the mouth. Professionals will usually recommend that individuals discontinue using the offending products, and diagnose peri-oral dermatitis through physical examination. This occasionally causes the condition to worsen before development happens. The condition will normally subside, but it may reunite after.

Contact dermatitis occurs after getting into contact with allergens or irritants. People may encounter contact dermatitis around the mouth from harsh skincare products, annoying makeup or poison ivy. It may also result from an allergic reaction where symptoms result from the immune response of the body to the offending agent. Contact dermatitis appears as red, itchy and painful bumps. Scratching the bulges may lead to disease, that'll make the place feel and seem worse. Analysis is produced through thorough history, physical exam and maybe an allergy Check. Corticosteroids can be crucial for severe cases, although treatment typically involves preventing the irritant.

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