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How Often Should You Have an Eye Exam?

Everyone understands you should get an annual physical check up and a twice-yearly dental cleansing, but it is never as simple, as it pertains to the frequency of eye exams. Risk factors for disorders of the eye, visual changes, and contact lens use suggest the demand for more regular comprehensive eye exams, in accordance with eye specialists.

Healthy Adults

Eye health is a vital part of general health. A comprehensive eye exam can even discover systemic illnesses before you might be conscious of symptoms and helps ascertain the function and wellness of the eyes. Early discovery of any difficulties is very important to treatment as well as preventing loss of vision. On the other hand, current guidelines from the American Academy of Ophthalmology call for a base-line comprehensive examination at age forty in most healthy grown-UPS.

Risk Factors for Ocular Ailment

One thousand thousand more have health conditions, including diabetes or hypertension, that elevate hazards for vision problems and eye disease. People who have chronic health problems or who are elderly and 61 should receive yearly or more regular exams as recommended by an eye doctor. Seek prompt care from an ophthalmologist if you notice any changes in your eyes, including unanticipated blurriness, lack of vision or flashes or if you have suffered an eye injury or have eye discomfort. These could be indications of more serious difficulties.

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